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This page provides extreme weather conditions recorded in each of the fifty U.S. States for temperature, precipitation, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

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Record Highest Temperatures

Record Highest Temperatures As you would expect, the highest state-wide records are from Southwest desert locations in California, Arizona and Nevada. The highest temperature ever recorded in the United States was 134 degrees Fahrenheit in Death Valley California on July 10, 1913. The lowest three state-wide high records aren't as obvious. Alaska in the far north with a record high temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Fort Yukon on June 27, 1915, Providence, Rhode Island with a record high temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit recorded on August 2, 1975 and Pahala, Hawaii with a record high temperate of 100 degrees Fahrenheit recorded on April 27, 1931. Providence, Rhode Island, with no part of the state far from the cool Atlantic, is no surprise. But tropical Hawaii, with the same high record as Alaska, isn't as obvious. Credit the ocean. Even in the tropics, ocean waters stay cooler than land. All of Hawaii is cooled to some extent by ocean breezes.

Record Coldest Temperatures

Record Low TemperaturesThe coldest temperature ever recorded east of the Mississippi River was -54 degrees Fahrenheit in Danbury, Wisconsin, on January 24, 1922. That's cold. But it's over 25 degrees warmer than the USA's all-time coldest reading. The lowest temperature on record in the United States, -79.8 degrees - rounded off to minus 80 degrees - was observed at Prospect Creek Camp in the Endicott Mountains of northern Alaska on January 23, 1971. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the contiguous 48 States, -69.7 degrees - rounded off to minus 70 degrees - was observed at Rogers Pass, in Lewis and Clark County, Montana, on January 20, 1954. Rogers Pass is in mountainous and heavily forested terrain about one-half mile east of and 140 feet below the summit of the Continental Divide. Hawaii is the only state never to record a below zero temperature. Many are surprised at Hawaii's 12 above reading. But that was measured at the observatory on Mauna Kea, which is 13,770 feet above sea level. Snow falls there from time to time.

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